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Results for Spyglasses are further improved by using higher quality tools (tool bonuses stack with skill bonuses):

  • spyglasses.png
    Exceptional Quality: +20% Search Range
  • Mastercrafted: +20% Search Range
  • Dull Copper: +20% Search Range
  • Shadow Iron +25% Search Range
  • Copper: +30% Search Range
  • Bronze: +35% Search Range
  • Gold: +40% Search Range
  • Agapite: +45% Search Range
  • Verite: +50% Search Range
  • Valorite +55% Search Range
  • Avarite: +60% Search Range

Using a Spyglass for Resource and Treasure Maps

Read the Resource Maps and Treasure Hunting pages for more information on how a Spyglass is used.


Using a Spyglass for Fishing and Sailing

  • To be completed