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  • Wrestling attacks inflict between 2-8 damage
  • Wrestling attacks are speed 50
  • Visit the Arena and queue up for a boxing match


Wrestling Weapon Special Attack

  • Increases damage by 400%
  • There is a 10% chance of inflicting a Wrestling Weapon Special Attack against creatures
  • Disorients the target for 16 seconds (reduces melee accuracy by 10% and causes a 10% chance for spellcasters to fizzle spells when casting)


A reason you get Wrestling on a mage template is because you don't want to be interrupted when you're casting. The calculation for chance-to-hit is:

Chance_To_Hit = (Your_Weapon_Skill + 50) / ( (Their_Weapon_skill+50) * 2.0 )

It's important to have wrestling because it is treated as your weapon skill. If you have 0 wrestling and you unequip your sword to cast you have a 100% chance to be hit/interrupted by someone with 100 attack skill. If you both have 100 attack skill, they only have a 50% to hit you.