Murderers & Resurrection

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Committing Murder

  • murderer-imustconsidermysins.png
    After killing a blue player, all killers involved will have the Heat of Battle mechanic activated (which prevents Recall, Gate, Moongate, or Hiking usage) for the next (2 Minutes * Number of Killers)
  • If a player chooses to report a killer for murder, the killer will receive 1 Short Term and 1 Long Term Murder Count
  • However, if there was more than 1 killer involved in the murder, there is a (10% * Players Beyond the First) chance for the murder to instead result in 2 Short Terms and 2 Long Term Murder Counts received
  • Players now have 24 hours to report a murder after it occurs (previously was 48 hours)
  • Say "I must consider my sins" to view your Criminal Summary

Criminal Action Notifications

  • Players will receive a specific notification when committing a Criminal Action as to what type of action it was, such as "You have committed a criminal act! (corpse looting)"

Murder Count Decay

  • Both Short Term and Long Term murder counts decay every 72 hours (provided the player does not commit a murder in that time)

Murderers Resurrecting

  • When a player with 5 or More Short Term Murder Counts dies they will be responsible for paying Resurrection Fees when they attempt to resurrect
  • Murderers who die while participating in a Faction Struggle, in a duel or tournament in the Arena, or while on a ship are not subject to resurrection fees

Resurrection Fees and Penalties

  • 225 Gold for every Short Term Murder Count above 5 the player has
  • 25 Gold for every Long Term Murder Count the player has
  • An Account-Wide Aggressive Action Restriction is placed upon the account that prevents any character on the account from conducting hostile actions (attacking, looting, stealing) against blue players for 1 hour for every 50 Long Term Counts the player has
  • For example, a 1 hour restriction would be placed at 1-49 Long Term Counts, a 2 hour restriction would be placed for 50-99 Long Term Counts, and so on
  • Gold used to pay Resurrection Fees will first come from the player's Bank Account, and if that is insufficient, will come from the banks of other characters on their account
  • Short Term Counts are then reset to 5 after resurrection

Additional Option: Repent

  • When players pay Resurrection Fees when resurrecting as a murderer, they have an additional option to Repent
  • If the player toggles the Repent option, after they pay their Resurrection Fees and are resurrected, their Long Term Murder counts will then be reduced to 0
  • Additionally, an Account-Wide Aggressive Action Restriction of 72 hours is placed on the account
  • Players are not allowed to select the Repent option if ANY account associated with their IP Address currently has an Account-Wide Aggressive Action Restriction already currently in place
  • Whenever a player Repents on resurrection, a server notification goes out to all players that that player has done so