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The Virtues have been a long running theme within the Ultima universes, usually manifesting in quests, Companions, weapons, armor, cities, philosophies and other areas of the various games. In the Outlands, there are 8 Shrines of Virtue: Compassion, Honesty, Honor, Humility, Justice, Sacrifice, Spirituality, and Valor. Oftentimes the Virtues are attacked and must to be repelled, which brings us to the Corrupted Shrines system...

What Happens at a Corrupted Shrine?

  • Once per day, at a randomized time, one Virtue Shrine in the world will become Corrupted
  • Corrupted Shrines have unique graphics and will feature 20 sequential waves of increasingly difficult creatures spawn nearby
  • A progress bar will appear near a Corrupted Shrine indicating which wave the Corruption is currently on
  • When all 20 waves of creatures have been defeated, a randomized Shrine Boss will spawn
  • When the Shrine Boss is defeated, it will not have standard loot on its corpse, but instead have Ankh Tokens

What are Ankh Tokens?

  • Ankh Tokens are a sort of "lootbox" in that the reward is random and can range from Gold to high-end items
  • Double-click an Ankh Token to receive a reward
  • Ankh Tokens can be looted and stolen from players
  • Ankh Tokens weigh .1 stones each

Ankh Tokens

How do I Earn Ankh Tokens?

  • Each individual wave of a Shrine Corruption is worth a predetermined number of Ankh Tokens that players can "bank"
  • Wave Ankh Token amounts range from 2.5 to 7.5 (increasing with wave difficulty)
  • 100 Ankh Tokens are available from all waves combined
  • The Shrine Boss is worth 50 Ankh Tokens (making 150 Ankh Tokens possible for each Shrine Corruption)
  • After the Shrine Boss is slain, banked Ankh Tokens for players will be distributed as normal with decimal amounts rounded
  • Players can double-click the corpse of the Shrine Boss to place all their bound Ankh Tokens on the corpse into their backpack

Shrine Bosses

Abyssal Assassin Balewight
Defiler Sentinel Greater Infernal Daemon
Jungle Stalker Lich Primarch
Ratman Witch Doctor Screaming Horror
Seducesa Slither Creep
Strangeling Volcanic Elemental
Wildwood Avenger Greater Skeletal Dragon

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