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  • There are 10 different Aspects (Air, Command, Earth, Eldritch, Fire, Lyric, Poison, Shadow, Water, Void)
  • Aspect Gear is crafted by players from any type of armor and weapon type (including leather, bone, etc)
  • Aspect Gear must be kept charged to use its effects and bonuses
  • Aspect Gear functions entirely as GM-level equipment while a player is in PvP (no unique effects or bonuses provided)
  • Aspect Gear is crafted as a Blessed item, but if a player dies while using it, it will become un-blessed for 24 hours
  • If Aspect Gear reaches 0 durability, it will not break but will have a penalty when equipped
  • Aspect Gear can be repaired like normal weapons/armor
  • Using colored materials increases the durability of the Aspect Gear

Crafting Aspect Gear

Several components are necessary in order to craft Aspect Gear, which need to be crafted or looted.

How to Obtain Aspect Cores and Extracts

  • Aspect Cores and Extracts are found as loot on monsters, in treasure chests, ship holds and more


How to Craft Aspect Distillations

  • Must have at least 100 Alchemy
  • One (1) Aspect Extract
  • One (1) Empty Bottle

How to Obtain Arcane Essence

  • Find magic weapons and armor
  • Use a crafting tool, click Recycle Item and target the magical item
    • Can use any crafting tool on a magical item (smith's hammer to recycle a magical bow)
    • Can be done with zero skill
  • You will receive Arcane Essence in your backpack


How to Craft Mastermarked Armor/Weapons

  • Must have at least 100 in a Crafting skill
  • Craft an exceptional version of the item
  • "You create an exceptional quality item and affix your maker's mark."
  • Using colored materials increases the durability

Crafting an Aspect Mould

  • Moulds are the primary tool used by players to create Aspect Gear. There are four types of Moulds:
    • Carpentry Mould: crafted by Carpenters and used to make any Carpentry-based Aspect Weapons/Armor
    • Smithing Mould: crafted by Blacksmiths and used to make Blacksmithy-based Aspect Weapons/Armor
    • Tailoring Mould: crafted by Tailors and used to make Tailoring-based Aspect Armor
    • Inscription Mould: crafted by Scribes and used to make Aspect Spellbooks
  • Requires at least 100 in a Crafting skill, one (1) Mastercrafting Diagram, and resources specific for the Mould needed


Using an Aspect Mould

  • Upon creation, each Mould has six (6) uses
    • Crafting an Aspect Weapon or Spellbook requires all six (6) uses
    • Crafting an individual Aspect Armor pieces requires only one (1) use per armor piece
  • Double-click the Mould and target the Maker Marked item you wish to convert into Aspect Gear
    • Training or harvesting weapons may not be converted into Aspect items 
    • Required Materials for an Aspect Weapon
      • 60 Arcane Essence
      • 6 Aspect Distillations
      • 12 Aspect Cores
    • Required Materials for Aspect Armor (each piece)
      • 10 Arcane Essence
      • 1 Aspect Distillation
      • 2 Aspect Cores
  • When you have the necessary materials, click Create to consume them and convert the item into Aspect Gear


Aspect Gear is Crafted... Now What?

  • Each new Aspect Gear item begins with 60 Arcane Charges
  • Aspect Gear will only provide its unique bonuses while it has at least 1 or more Arcane Charges on it
  • Arcane Charges are lost from Aspect Gear when players deal damage to creatures while using it (the chance of durability loss is scaled with amount of damage inflicted)
  • Players must wear a full suit of one particular Aspect in order to gain the benefits and effects from it
  • The armor may be of different types (such as platemail legs combined with a leather chest), so long as all six armor pieces are a matching Aspect
  • Aspect Gear can be repaired like normal weapons/armor
  • If Aspect Gear reaches 0 durability, it will NOT break but will suffer a penalty if equipped

Recharging Aspect Gear

  • To be completed
  • Double-click Arcane Essence and target the Aspect Gear

Dying with Aspect Gear

  • Aspect Gear is crafted as a Blessed item, but if a player dies while using it, it will become un-blessed for 24 hours
  • This includes carried and equipped Aspect Gear
  • Single-click the item to see when it will become Blessed again


Aspect Mastery

All players have a Tier Level for each Aspect ranging from 0 to 10, which determines their effectiveness when wearing Aspect Gear of that particular Aspect. As your Aspect Mastery level rises, the Aspect Gear becomes more powerful. Each Aspect offers different types of unique bonuses and effects on weapons, armor, and spellbooks.

Earning Aspect Mastery Experience

  • Players earn experience for a particular Aspect by killing monsters while wearing Aspect Gear of that Aspect
  • The Aspect Gear must have Arcane Charges available to earn experience
  • The higher the monster difficulty, the more experience earned

Upgrading Aspect Mastery Tiers

  • To be completed
  • Requires Aspect Cores and Distillations


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