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  • Must have at least 80 Hiding to be able to Stealth
  • Players gain (5 + (10 * (Stealth Skill / 100))) Stealth steps per Stealth activation
  • A player will leave footprints behind when using their last 5 steps
  • If a player has "Auto-Stealth" turned on (which is on by default), players will automatically make a Stealth activation when moving while Hidden


  • A player who is currently hidden can make a Backstab attack against creatures in their weapon range
  • The player must be hidden through use of the Hiding skill (and not Invisibility spell) and have activated stealth at least once since becoming hidden in order to be able to make a backstab attack
  • Players must have at least 80 Stealth skill and 80 skill in their equipped weapon in order to make Backstab attacks
  • A player's accuracy when making backstab attacks is +25%
  • Players have a +25% chance to to inflict poison from a weapon when making backstab attacks
  • Players have a +25% chance to perform a Weapon Special Attack when making backstab attacks
  • If a Weapon Special Attack occurs while making a Backstab attack, and the effect has a duration (such as for Fencing and Macing), the effect will last for the maximum duration possible (i.e. treated as being made with a very slow weapon)
  • Damage bonus for Backstab attack ranges from +450% to +1000%, scaled based on weapon speed
  • Backstab damage is further scaled by (Stealth Skill / 100%)
  • Players attacking other players from stealth will make the same backstab sound effect, but they will receive no bonuses to the attack
  • Relevant skills have 10x their normal chance to result in a skill gain when a backstab attack is made.