Omni Bosses

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  • Omni Bosses have 4,000,000 hit points
  • Omni Bosses can only be Barded once every 180 seconds
  • Omni Bosses Autodispel every 6 seconds
  • Read about how the Boss Results system works
  • Read about the Tome of Heroism, which is needed to summon an Omni Boss
  • Damage amounts are broken down by Mastery Chain Links distributed (which is every 500,000 hit points dealt)


  • Players who complete a Tome of Heroism, their guild members, alliance members and party members are allowed to use the summoned Omni Gate
  • After 60 minutes, Daemon Gates will open around towns and non-guild/non-party members are free to enter the Omniboss lair and engage the active guild/Omniboss
    • However, using a Daemon Gate in town will require the player to spend a Daemon Rune
    • Daemon Runes are a loot item players can acquire in the Daemon Keep

Inside the Lair

  • The Omni Boss Lair is a Lawless zone (all players flag grey to each other)
  • There are 3 different Lairs in the Omni Realm, and each time a player summons an Omni Gate, it will lead to a randomized Lair

Omni Realm Moongates

  • Each Omni Realm Lair has between 8-10 Moongates around the edges of the Lair that players can use to exit back to the town of their choice (similar to normal public moongates)
  • Unlike normal moongates, however, players can leave through these moongates even while they have a Heat of Battle activated
  • Every 60 seconds, one randomized moongate in the Lair is determined to be the "Entrance Moongate"
  • Whenever players enter the Omni Realm (by traveling through an Omni Gate) they will appear at the location of the current Entrance Moongate (this is intended to reduce the effectiveness of "camping" locations within the Omni Realm)

Mastery Chain Link Rewards

  • Completion of a Tome of Heroism rewards the player with 4 Mastery Chain Links
  • Omni Bosses distribute 1 Mastery Chain Link each time 500,000 hit points of damage have been dealt to it, making for a total of 4 Mastery Chain Links to be distributed
  • For each 500,000 damage dealt to the Omni Boss, the system looks at which players inflicted that damage and randomly grants a player a Mastery Chain Link in their backpack, with chances matching their damage percentage amounts
  • If the player who would get the link is either dead or no longer in the Omni Lair, their link will appear on the Omni Bosses' corpse and only that player or their guildmates will be able to lift it for 10 minutes (after 10 minutes any player can lift it off the corpse)
  • 60 Minutes after the Omni Boss has been killed, all players currently remaining in the Omni Realm will be teleported (including their pets) back to the last town they have visited via public moongate