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The Lore System introduces snippets of world lore unique to the lands of Outlands, encompassing the Creatures, Towns, Dungeons, History, as well as Mythical Figures and Notable Personages of our game world. Players will encounter Research Materials throughout their journey, which must be decoded by the player to in order to create a Lore Page, which in turn can then be added to a Lore Book. There are over 30 different Lore Volumes in the system, with each individual volume comprising of between 10 to 15 individual Lore Pages on the related subject. Players can add Lore Pages to Lore Books to organize them, and if a player manages to add all pages required to complete a specific volume, they will be rewarded handsomely

Research Materials

  • loresystem-researchmaterials.png
    Players can find Research Materials as loot drops from a large number of sources (such as monsters, dungeon chests, treasure maps, etc)
  • Research Materials no longer have a "Puzzle" to solve, and instead, players will now instantly decode them by clicking from any button for Cartography, Detect Hidden, or Item Identification skill and having 120 skill in the corresponding skill
  • If a player does not have any of those skills at 120, they can have a Research Guide in their backpack and click any of the skill buttons to consume a charge from the Research Guide and instantly decode the Research Materials

Research Guides

  • researchguide.jpg
    Players can craft Research Guides using the Inscription skill, which can be used when deciphering Research Materials if a player does not have 100 skill or higher for one of the skills (Cartography, Detect Hidden, Item ID) needed
  • Each Research Guide has 25 uses (i.e. "Skill Clicks")
  • If a player has a Research Guide in their backpack, and attempts to decipher a Research Materials using a skill that their player does not have 100 skill points in, it will consume 1 use of the Research Guide and will generate a system message for the player informing them of such

Lore Pages

When a player successfully determines the correct combination of skill click needed, the text completely unscrambles and the Research Material is replaced with a Lore Page belonging to a particular lore volume such as "Creatures of Mount Petram." Single-clicking any Lore Page will say the Lore Volume it becomes to, as well as which page number of the volume it is.


Lore Books

  • Players can craft Lore Books using the Inscription skill
  • Lore Books begin as "empty" until a player drops a Lore Page into it
  • If a player drops a Lore Page into an empty Lore Book, that book will now become dedicated to a single lore volume (such as "Creatures of Aegis
  • Players can also add Lore Pages by clicking the "Add Lore Page" button instead of dropping Lore Pages onto the book itself
  • Players can see which pages have not yet been added to the Lore Book by double-clicking it
  • Players can click the Left/Right arrows at the bottom of the Lore Book to navigate through pages and see existing Lore Page content
  • When players have added all required pages to a Lore Book, they will receive 1 Mastery Chain Link and a Legendarily Drawn Treasure Map (level 8)


Lore Bosses


Players who dig up a Legendarily Drawn treasure map will encounter a Lore Boss creature that will guard the chest and must be killed before players may access the chest's contents

  • Lore Bosses have similar handling for AutoDispel, Barding Cooldowns, Special Effect Reductions similar to other bosses (albeit at smaller levels)
  • Lore Bosses have 50,000 Hit Points
  • Lore Bosses can only be Barded once every 60 seconds
  • Lore Bosses Autodispel every 10 seconds
  • Prestige amounts for Lore Bosses are:
    • 3 Prestige to the guild dealing the most damage to it
    • 2 Prestige to the guild dealing the 2nd most damage to it
    • 1 Prestige to all other guilds dealing damage to it

Legendary Treasure Map Chest

Among other loot in the Legendary Treasure Map Chest, players will discover a Mastery Chain Link inside.