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  • Dungeon Flashpoints can occur at one of two potential locations in the first level of each dungeon
  • When a Dungeon Flashpoint occurs in a dungeon, all creatures on the first level of the dungeon will be killed (and freely lootable) and will not respawn until after the Dungeon Flashpoint has ended


  • Players become Participants in the Dungeon Flashpoints by simply entering the level of the dungeon the event is taking place in (or already being inside of the level of the dungeon as soon as the event starts) AND having "Participate in PvP Events" toggled on in their Overview Page of their Guild Menu
  • Players who do not have "Participate in PvP Events" will NOT be able to participate in Dungeon Flashpoints

Zones and Flagging

The Dungeon Flashpoint Area is considered to be the entire level of the dungeon the Dungeon Flashpoint event is currently occuring in. While inside the Dungeon Flashpoint Area during a Dungeon Flashpoint event:

  • Murderers can participate in Dungeon Flashpoints, however they will NOT receive any special protections and will always flag as Red to all players
  • Participants flag as Green to members of their same Guild or Alliance, but only if that player is also currently a Participant
  • Participants flag as Orange to all other players who are not in the same guild (and not allied) who are marked as Participants
  • Participants may not perform hostile actions to Green (friendly) players
  • Participants may not perform beneficial actions to Orange (enemy) players
  • Non-Participants will flag as Blue to Participants (unless player is murderer)
  • Participants will flag as Blue to Non-Participants (unless player is murderer)
  • Non-Participants may not perform either hostile or beneficial actions to Participants (unless they are a murderer)
  • Criminals will always flag as Grey to all players (i.e. do not receive special handling for event)


  • Dungeon Flashpoints are Guild-based, meaning each Guild acts as its own individual team
  • Even though Allied guilds will flag as Green to each other, they are considered seperate teams with their own scores
  • At the end of the Dungeon Flashpoint event, the guild with the highest score is deemed the winner
  • Players also have their own individual score tracking that is used for determing Rewards and Battle Records, but does not factor into determination of which Guild is the winner of the event

Control Points

  • Control during the Dungeon Flashpoint is based upon a "Three-Ring" concept
  • Guilds earn points during the event based on the best "Ring" that their guild currently has guild members occupying

1st Ring
The Central Control Square, marked by tall glowing orbs
Worth 30 points during Control Check

2nd Ring
Any location outside of the 1st Ring, but within 30 tiles of it (and still inside of the dungeon level)
Worth 20 points during Control Check

3rd Ring
Any location outside of the 2nd Ring but still within the dungeon level
Worth 10 points during Control Check

Guild Scoring

  • Every 30 seconds a "Control Check" occurs to determine scoring
  • Guilds earn points during Control Checks based on the "best" ring that they currently have guild members occupying (and they do not have to be the "sole" guild present in that ring to earn points)
  • For example, a guild with participants in both the 1st Ring and 2nd Ring would earn 30 points during a Control Check

Player Scoring

  • During a Control Check, guildmembers earn Individual Control Points based on the ring that they themselves occupy (not the "best" ring of the guild) and divided by the total number of guildmembers in the entire dungeon level
  • For instance, a guild has 10 guildmembers currently in the dungeon level with 4 of them in the 1st Ring and 6 of them in the 2nd Ring
  • The 4 players in the 1st Ring will each earn 30 / 10 = 3 Points and the 6 players in the 2nd ring will each earn 20 / 10 = 2 Points during the Control Check
  • As a reminder, individual player scores do not factor into determining the winner of the event

Player Kills

  • Guilds can steal points from enemy guilds by killing their participating players
  • Killing a participating enemy guild player will steal 5% of the enemy team's points total and add it to their own team's total (decimals are used for point values)
  • If a guild is currently at 0 points, no points can be stolen from them

Player Scoring

  • Whenever a player is killed, the player who did the most damage to the target is considered receiving the credit for the kill and their "Kills" stat will be increased by one (this stat is purely for display purposes though)
  • If a kill results in points being stolen from the opposing guild, then every individual player involved in the kill earns "Kill Points" equal to their (% Damage Dealt to Player * Guild Points Stolen)
  • For instance, a guild that currently has a score of 100 Points has a member of their team killed, which would result in 100 * .05 = 5 Points being stolen from them
  • A player who did 50% of the total damage dealt to that killed player would earn 5 * .50 = 2.5 Kill Points for their own individual score tracking
  • A player who did 25% of the total damage dealt to that killed player would earn 5 * .25 = 1.25 Kill Points for their own individual score tracking


At the end of the Dungeon Flashpoint, the Top 3 guilds ranked by Guild Score earn rewards. Additionally, the Top 10 players from each of those guilds will receive individual rewards (Player Total Score = Player Control Points + Player Kill Points)

1st Place Guild

  • Earns 2 Prestige Points
  • The Top 10 participating players each earn 3 Guild Reward Points (formerly known as Faction Reward Points)
  • The Top 10 participating players each receive 0.25% of the entire amount of gold earned by all players in all dungeons during the last 24 hours (gold is placed in their bank box)
  • A Reward Chest containing a Level 4 Treasure Map Chest worth of items is placed on the Central Control Platform, which is only accessible by that guild for the next 10 minutes, but becomes freely accessible to all players after 10 minutes expire


2nd Place Guild

  • Earns 1 Prestige Points
  • The Top 10 participating players each earn 2 Guild Reward Points (formerly known as Faction Reward Points)