Boss-level Creatures

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Boss Results Gump

  • The Boss Results system displays how individual players and guilds performed against Boss-Level Creatures. These include:
  • Players can view Boss Results by typing [BossResults in game
  • Results of boss fights are added to a list that have occurred over the last 30 days
  • Players can go back and forth and view previous Boss kill details by clicking the "Previous/Next" arrows at the top left of the window

Recently Slain Bosses

  • For a Boss that has just been killed, players who were involved in the fight (either did damage or in the same guild as a player who did damage to the boss) must wait 5 minutes before the Boss fight data is added to the list and is viewable
  • Once 60 minutes have passed since a Boss has been killed, all players (regardless of involvement in the fight) will see results of the Boss fight in their [BossResults menu
  • The delay in Boss Results being added is to prevent players from simply watching the results window and "raiding" groups have just finished Bosses

Boss Creature Hindering

Below are the chances for Boss Creatures to ignore Movement restricting ability and cause the player to receive a damage bonus (instead of Hinder with Archery) instead:

  • Lore Boss - 70%
  • Mini Boss - 75%
  • Boss - 80%
  • Shrine Boss - 85%
  • Omni Boss - 90%
  • Event Boss - 95%

Boss Creature Carving

  • Mini Bosses, Shrine Bosses, Omni-Bosses, and Event Bosses now have a uniform "Difficulty" level, when player carve their corpses, that is used to determine amount of Meat, Leather, and other resources that appear on the corpse
  • Mini Boss Difficulty value for carving is 1000
  • Shrine Boss Difficulty value for carving is 1500
  • Boss Difficulty value for carving is 2000
  • Omni Boss Difficulty value for carving is 5000
  • Event Boss Difficult value for carving is 10000