Boss-level Creatures

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Boss Results Gump

  • The Boss Results system displays how individual players and guilds performed against Boss-Level Creatures. These include:
  • Players can view Boss Results by typing [BossResults in game
  • Results of boss fights are added to a list that have occurred over the last 30 days
  • Players can go back and forth and view previous Boss kill details by clicking the "Previous/Next" arrows at the top left of the window

Recently Slain Bosses

  • For a Boss that has just been killed, players who were involved in the fight (either did damage or in the same guild as a player who did damage to the boss) must wait 5 minutes before the Boss fight data is added to the list and is viewable
  • Once 60 minutes have passed since a Boss has been killed, all players (regardless of involvement in the fight) will see results of the Boss fight in their [BossResults menu
  • The delay in Boss Results being added is to prevent players from simply watching the results window and "raiding" groups have just finished Bosses

Boss Loot Skull Tokens

  • All boss loot now drops as Skull Tokens
  • Upon moving the Skull Token anywhere other than the boss corpse, it will transform into its actual loot item
  • "Normal" looting rights apply


Boss Creature Hindering

Below are the chances for Boss Creatures to ignore Movement restricting ability and cause the player to receive a damage bonus (instead of Hinder with Archery) instead:

  • Lore Boss - 70%
  • Mini Boss - 75%
  • Boss - 80%
  • Shrine Boss - 85%
  • Omni Boss - 90%
  • Event Boss - 95%

Boss Creature Carving

  • Mini Bosses, Shrine Bosses, Omni-Bosses, and Event Bosses now have a uniform "Difficulty" level, when player carve their corpses, that is used to determine amount of Meat, Leather, and other resources that appear on the corpse
  • Mini Boss Difficulty value for carving is 1000
  • Shrine Boss Difficulty value for carving is 1500
  • Boss Difficulty value for carving is 2000
  • Omni Boss Difficulty value for carving is 5000
  • Event Boss Difficult value for carving is 10000

Boss Barding: Provocation and Peacemaking

  • Provocation and Peacemaking on Bosses (including Lore Bosses, Mini-Bosses, Bosses, Shrine-Bosses, Omni-Bosses, and Event Bosses) will no longer function as normal, and instead will apply a “Boss Barding” effect to the creature
  • A Boss Barding Effect reduces their Melee Attack Speed by 25%, increases Spellcast Cooldowns by 25%, and increases Ability Cooldowns by 25%
  • Boss Barding Effects have a similar duration to normal barding effects and also utilize the same Barding Cooldown mechanics and lengths as before
  • A Boss with a Boss Barding effect in place will have “*Barded*” displayed above their name when single-clicking on them