Aspect Phylactery

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  • Players can find Aspect Phylacteries as loot drops
  • Aspect Phylacteries will have a randomized Aspect associated with them (such as Fire, Lyric, etc)
  • Aspect Phylacteries no longer need to be "charged" and will work for any player that has its respective Aspect Unlocked
  • Aspect Phylacteries are stackable and weigh .1 stones


Players who double-click an Aspect Phylactery now have two options to choose from:

  • Ensure their next Melee Weapon hit or Spellcast with an an Aspect weapon/spellbook is a guaranteed Aspect Special


Recent Changes

As of a patch dated December 17 2019 that changed how aspect activations work, you can no longer restore an aspect activation using an Aspect Phylactery.[1]