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  • Players fighting in the Arena during Duels or Tournaments:
    • Do NOT consume any resources (Reagents, Bandages, Ammunition, Scrolls, and Potions)
    • Do NOT take durability damage to weapons and armor
    • Do NOT drop/lose equipment on death
  • Murderers who die fighting in the Arena during Duels or Tournaments do NOT have resurrection fees


Arena Credits

  • Players must purchase Arena Credits to participate in Duels and Tournaments
    • Standard Duel: 1 Credit
    • Tournament Entry: 50 Credits
  • Arena Credits are purchased in multiples of 50
    • Costs 5000 Gold
    • Or 5 Prevalia Coins


Arena Templates

  • Players may create Arena Templates which allow them to manually set their stats and skills for Arena Matches
  • Players can manage their Arena Templates by clicking the "Arena Templates" button at the top of the Arena Stone Gump
  • Players must click the "Activate" button for a template if they wish to use that specific template for Arena Matches (clicking the button again will deactivate the template)
  • If a player takes part in an Arena Match that allows usage of templates, as soon as the match begins their stats and skills will be set to match their currently Activated template
  • When a player dies, leaves a match, or their match ends their original stats and skills will be restored



Create a Match

  • arenaupdate.png
    Match Presets
    • Order
    • Chaos
    • Player Saved Presets
  • Match Type
    • 1v1
    • 2v2
    • 3v3
    • 4v4
  • Arena Size
    • Standard
    • Massive
    • Boxing
  • Listing Mode
    • Public
    • Guild members only
    • Party Members only
  • Poisoned Weapons Allowed or Limited
  • Mounts Allowed or Not
  • Followers Allowed or Limited
  • Equipment Allowed
    • GM or Less (Regular Materials)
    • GM or Less (Any Materials)
    • No Restrictions
  • Spell Restrictions
  • Pouch Restrictions
  • Potion Restrictions
  • Greater Heal Precasting Allowed or Not
  • Round Duration
  • Sudden Death Mode


  • Town Criers will announce if an Arena Tournament is scheduled for that day (including what Ruleset it is) and announce the winners of each Tournament
  • The Weekly Tournament Rotation is as follows:
    • Week 1: 1 vs 1 Order Tournament
    • Week 2: 2 vs 2 Order Tournament
    • Week 3: 3 vs 3 Order Tournament


Order Ruleset

Arena Matches with the Order Preset (both Tournaments and normal Duels) now have the following restrictions in place for templates:

  • Dexterity cannot be above 25
  • Anatomy, Arms Lore, Forensic Eval, Parrying, Healing, Poisoning, or Tracking skills cannot be above 0


Chaos Ruleset


Tournament Reward Points

Players will earn Arena Reward Points for Weekly Tournaments as follows:

  • 1vs1 Tournament: 5 Reward Points per Round Victory (+10 Points for Tournament Victory)
  • 2vs2 Tournament: 10 Reward Points per Round Victory (+20 Points for Tournament Victory)
  • 3vs3 Tournament: 15 Reward Points per Round Victory (+30 Points for Tournament Victory)

Guilds will also now earn 1 Guild Prestige for every 5 Reward Points earned by their highest-placing Guild member in a Tournament.

Player Ranks and Records

  • View Ranks, Wins, Matches and Win Percentages of Players
    • Solo Duels
    • Team Duels
    • Solo Tournaments
    • Team Tournaments



  • Gilded Hood
  • Dark Gilded Wizard's Robe
  • Knight's Tunic
  • Shoulder Wrap
  • Gilded Shirt
  • Fitted Short Pants
  • Loin Cloth
  • Gladiator Sandals
  • Arena Shield Dye
  • Arena Spell Hue Deed
  • Arena Cloth
  • Arena Furniture Dye
  • Arena Runebook Dye
  • Arena Headwear Dye
  • Arena Backpack Dye
  • Arena Lantern
  • Arena Hair Dye
  • Arena Facial Hair Dye
  • Arena Mount Token