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The Animal Lore skill is a necessary skill for anyone looking to control the animals and monsters roaming the Outlands. It can be used actively to open an information gump about the target as well as passively to increase the amount healed with the Veterinary skill and the difficult of monsters a player can control.

  • Player must have Animal Lore and Animal Taming equal or greater than the minimum Taming skill required for a tamed creature in order to issue it commands
  • The number of control slots available to player for Stabling followers is 8 + (Animal Lore Skill / 10)
  • A player's Stable Slots for the Stablemaster will now be determined based on the highest Animal Lore skill for the player among their current skill or any of their Echoes patch April 7,2020


Tamed Creature Upgrades and Abilities

  • Players can use the Animal Lore skill on a tamed creature to view potential Tamed Creature Upgrades and Abilities
  • Players can view the abilities that Tamed Creatures have as well as a creature's Tamed PvP Damage scalar in the Animal Lore window on the Abilities page


Discovering Slayer Type and Difficulty

  • All players, even at 0 Animal Lore skill, can use Animal Lore on a creature to view its Slayer Group and Difficulty Value (determines loot and barding difficulties)



  • Players can view the Tamed Creature PvP Damage Scalar for creatures in the Animal Lore gump at the top of the Abilities Page
  • The Animal Lore gump will always display a player's correct Passive Animal Taming Remaining amount, unless they are at current 120 Animal Taming skill (at which point it wont display Passive Taming at all in the Animal Lore gump)
  • The Animal Lore gump window for Pack Horses and Pack Llamas does not display their Experience or Level (since they cannot be leveled)
  • View the Mounts page to see how Animal Lore affects them
  • Players can use the Animal Lore skill on creatures up to 12 tiles away
  • Players can make an Animal Lore skill gain check each time they "speak" to an animal while taming it (essentially grants bonus Animal Lore skill gain checks)
  • Various tamed pet combat tactics such as melee/ranged and aggro/reduced-aggro can be toggled on/off from the animal lore window. patch April 2, 2020