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With the great many things players can do here in the Outlands, players can make certain Achievements that will be rewarded with Achievement Points. These points can be spent through the Achievement interface to purchase myriad prizes as listed below. There are several paths one can choose to follow here and each of them bears it's own rewards...and challenges.

Achievement Points are accumulated per account and can be used by any character on an account. Achievement progress is specific to each character and is not combined across the account.


Achievement Categories


  • Beastial Slayer
  • Construct Slayer
  • Daemonic Slayer
  • Elemental Slayer
  • Humanoid Slayer
  • Monstrous Slayer
  • Nature Slayer
  • Undead Slayer
  • Wilderness Hunter
  • Guardian of Aegis Keep
  • Guardian of Darkmire Temple
  • Guardian of Inferno
  • Guardian of Mount Petram
  • Guardian of Nusero
  • Guardian of Pulma
  • Guardian of Ossuary
  • Guardian of The Mausoleum
  • Paragon Slayer
  • Mini-Boss Slayer
  • Shrine Boss Slayer
  • Boss Slayer

Animal Handling

  • Domestication: Reach Animal Taming Skills
  • Animal Affinity: Reach Max Level With Control Slots Worth of Creatures
  • Zoology: Tame Different Creature Types


  • Transmutation: Create Arcane Essence through Recycling Items
  • Woodworker: Use Boards to Craft Items
  • Metalsmith: Use Ingots to Craft Items
  • Leatherworker: Use Leather to Craft Items
  • Scientist: Use Reagents to Craft Items
  • Culinary Savvy: Use Special Ingredients to Craft Food Items
  • Enchanter: Use Arcane Scrolls to Craft Items
  • Engineer: Use Mastercrafting Diagrams to Craft Items
  • Artisan: Use Arcane Extracts to Craft Items
  • Artificer: Use Aspect Mould Charges
  • Alchemist: Reach Alchemy Skills
  • Blacksmith: Reach Blacksmithy Skills
  • Carpenter: Reach Carpentry Skills
  • Chef: Reach Cooking Skills
  • Scribe: Reach Inscription Skills
  • Tailor: Reach Tailoring Skills
  • Tinker: Reach Tinkering Skills


  • Aspect Mastery: Reach Tier 10 in Any Aspect
  • Versatility: Use Skill Mastery Orbs
  • Savant: Use Skill Mastery or Epic Skill Mastery Scrolls
  • Skill Proficiency: Reach 100 Skill in Different Skills
  • Skill Mastery: Reach 120 Skill in Different Skills
  • Triggered: Trigger Aspect Weapon/Spellbook Special Effects


  • Cartographer: Reach Cartography 100
  • Treasure Hunter: Complete Level 1-3 Treasure Maps
  • Treasure Seeker: Complete Level 4-6 Treasure Maps
  • Fortune Hunter: Complete Level 7-8 Treasure Maps
  • Tomb Raider: Unlock Easy Dungeon Chests
  • Relic Hunter: Unlock Difficult Dungeon Chests
  • Archaeologist: Unlock Very Difficult Dungeon Chests
  • Archivist: Decode Lore Notes
  • Explorer: Unlock Hiking Locations for Single Character


  • Landowner: Purchase a House Deed
  • Affluent: Accumulate Gold From Activities
  • Expressive: Unlock Emotes
  • Enhanced: Spend Gold on Enhancements
  • Colorful: Unlock Spell Hues
  • Connoisseur: Eat Delectable Food Items
  • Nobility: Reach Lord/Lady Status With Characters
  • Practiced Liar: Win Games of Liars Dice
  • Roll Player: Win Gold While Playing Monster Shuffle


  • Recruitment: Recruit Ship Crewmembers using Begging
  • Captain: Register each Ship type
  • Shipwright: Spend Doubloons Upgrading Ships
  • Pirate: Sink Doubloon Value Worth of NPC Ships
  • Trawler: Cast Nets at Fishing Spots
  • Mariner: Use Special Fishing Nets
  • Salvager: Cast Nets at Message in Bottle Locations


  • Miner: Harvest Ore
  • Prospector: Complete Ore Maps
  • Lumberjack: Harvest Logs
  • Woodsman: Complete Lumber Maps
  • Skinner: Harvest Leather
  • Trapper: Complete Skinning Maps
  • Fisherman: Harvest Fish
  • Angler: Complete Fishing Maps


  • Illusionist: Use Disguise Kits
  • Successfully Steal from Innocent Players in Town
  • Panhandler: Receive Gold From Begging
  • Backstabber: Make Backstab Attacks Against Creatures
  • Serial Killer: Pay Ress Penalties for Short Term Murder Counts
  • Dread Lord/Lady: Reach Dread Lord/Lady Status With Characters


  • Veteran: Earn Faction Reward Points
  • Strategist: Earn Control Points During Faction Struggles
  • Soldier: Earn Kill Points During Faction Struggles
  • Skirmisher: Inflict Damage During Faction Struggles
  • Medic: Heal Other Players During Faction Struggles


  • Gladiator: Earn Arena Reward Points
  • Duelist: Win Arena Matches


  • Order of Armorers: Earn Points Within the Order of Armorers
  • Tradesman Union: Earn Points Within the Tradesman Union
  • Artificers Enclave: Earn Points Within the Artificers Enclave
  • Monster Hunter: Earn Points Within the Monster Hunter Society
  • Seafarer: Earn Points Within the Sea
  • Adventurer: Earn Points Within the Adventurers Lodge
  • Society Mastery: Earth Points Within Every Individual Society
    • Agent
    • Envoy
    • Diplomat
    • Emissary
    • Ambassador

Spending Reward Points for Prizes

  • Uncommon Seed
  • Rare Seed
  • Very Rare Seed
  • Emote Deed
  • Epic Skill Mastery Scroll
  • Skill Mastery Orb
  • Mastercrafting Diagram
  • Traveler's Lantern
  • Beige Horse Mount Token
  • Chestnut Horse Mount Token
  • Grey Mare Horse Mount Token
  • Dapple Horse Mount Token
  • Llama Mount Token
  • Desert Ostard Mount Token
  • Forest Ostard Mount Token
  • Tundra Ostard Mount Token
  • Frenzied Ostard Mount Token
  • Grizzly Bear Mount Token
  • Polar Bear Mount Token
  • Spell Scroll Tome
  • Treasure Map Tome
  • Skill Mastery Tome
  • Fishing Map Tome
  • Lumber Map Tome
  • Ore Map Tome
  • Skinning Map Tome